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“Lindsay’s Pilates has been a fantastic experience for me. The classes engaging and expertly taught, accommodating a wide range of ability while making everyone feel welcome. The wider benefit of Pilates has really helped me in other activities such as running and martial arts, while I have little doubt that the benefit of these exercises go well beyond these specific activities. The classes themselves are also a great way to unwind after a long day. I have no hesitation in recommending Pilates for All to anyone."

PG - Oct 2021

“Thanks for keeping us all sane and fit this year so far, who knows what's to come but at least we have your class to look forward to still. :-)"

NJ - March 2021

“Dear Lindsay, I just wanted to say what a massive difference Pilates has made to me over the last year.
When I started Pilates with you, I was still recovering from concussion and my foot and leg muscles were damaged. The muscles in my right leg were so unhappy with me they were always contracted and most movement was incredibly painful. Last week I realised two things. Firstly I could roll down without feeling dizzy and could easily touch the floor with the palm of my hand! Secondly, and more importantly to me, I realised how much more relaxed my leg muscles were and that my food was starting to align back to normal. As a result I managed to go on my first run in two years tonight which felt amazing. That is all thanks to you and Pilates! Thank you."

LT - May 2020

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