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Lindsay Sandhurstt

Teacher & Owner of Pilates for All

Established 2019

My Story

Pilates was first introduced to me when I was pregnant with twins 16 years ago! I started attending ante-natal Pilates from 16 weeks right up until 35 weeks. It taught me so much about posture and engaging the core to support movements. I feel it really helped me get back into shape very quickly post birth.
Since then I've been attending physio led Pilates and Body Control Pilates classes and I look forward to the class every week. Once my youngest daughter started school I felt I wanted to further my knowledge and share my passion with others by training to be a Pilates teacher.
Body Control Pilates was recommended to me by my teacher. The training is very thorough and well renowned across the globe now. 

I am interested in how Pilates can help improve everyone's lives...through rehabilitation from injury; to keeping generally fit and mobile; to helping achieve sporting goals; to teaching the young and the older person how to move safely and effectively and preventing injury.


Woman Stretching

Lucy Ling

Teacher @ Pilates for All

My Story

I first found Pilates over a decade ago, having injured my back through a mixture of marathon training and not doing enough to support my core strength. I quickly fell in love with it and the way it eased and controlled my back pain, as well as improving my alignment and overall fitness. 


When I became pregnant with my first daughter 5 years ago, Pilates really helped me maintain strength throughout my pregnancy, my weekly antenatal Pilates class was often a highlight of my week. I then decided to train with Body Control Pilates so that I could help inspire others in their fitness and movement journeys, I’ve since had another daughter and Pilates gives me the strength to keep up with the physical demands of looking after small children.


I’m delighted to join the Pilates for All team to be able to share my love of Pilates with our clients!

Contact   - 07941 421342

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